Stantec / Silver Knowledge leader

Designing places for people engaged in healthcare is a passion for our London healthcare studio. We have been serving the NHS and private sector in the UK since 1990, and continue to offer comprehensive design services to UK and international providers. Recognising the diversity and complexity of healthcare organisations, we're committed to direct engagement and tailored solutions.

Our London team is part of an integrated international healthcare group based in the UK, Canada, the US, the Middle East and Asia. This larger virtual studio operates on principles of knowledge exchange and mutual support. Our teams are supported by our company-wide proprietary health research, experience in lean design, and expertise in alternative project delivery systems. Through our designs, we place our clients at the forefront of best practice, innovative technology, and new healthcare delivery.

Stantec designs places that are at the heart of a community’s health – vital healing spaces that are safe, open and honest. Placemaking, sustainability and adaptability are central to our approach. Our achievements in increasing efficiency, reducing costs, and facilitating connections among staff, patients and families are a continued source of benefit and improvement to caregivers and patients alike.
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