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Established since 1999, Vanguard Healthcare Solutions is a world-class flexible healthcare infrastructure provider headquartered in the UK. Vanguard provides high-quality and sustainable mobile and bespoke modular healthcare facilities such as operating theatres, surgical hubs, Community Diagnostic Hubs (CDH), endoscopy suites, decontamination and sterilisation, facilities, wards, clinics, Minor Injuries Units (MIU) and bespoke solutions.

Our mobile and modular healthcare facilities offer specialist integrated clinical environments where a range of procedures can be provided including orthopaedics, ophthalmology, and endoscopy.

Our purpose is to assist healthcare providers, to increase patient and clinical capacity, helping to reduce waiting times for procedures. Our facilities can be used in both planned and emergency situations.
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Ruth Wozencroft
Marketing Manager
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Q-Bital and Vanguard Healthcare Solutions
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