Hoare Lea / Silver Knowledge leader

Award-winning engineering consultancy with a creative team of engineers, designers and technical specialists providing innovative solutions to complex engineering and built-environment design challenges. Irrespective of the scale or complexity of a project, we provide a full range of MEP, environmental and sustainability services, bringing buildings to life and ensuring they perform at their best.

We are at the heart of the transformation taking place in healthcare buildings: balancing people-centred design with evolving clinical standards and innovation. Our experience spans every clinical setting: local health and social care centres, community hospitals and mental health units, research facilities and large-scale medical campuses.

With current events really challenging the status quo; new facilities requiring unique, sometimes cutting-edge approaches: our commitment to investing in research helps us develop and drive industry opinion. The result? Our work remains at the forefront of new technology and changing legislation and culture.

The delivery of cost-effective, safe, secure healing environments is our number-one priority, together with creating energy-efficient, low-carbon spaces that make the life-changing work of staff that little bit easier.
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Hoare Lea
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