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HLM is a leading design practice headquartered in the UK, offering a rare combination of design skills from the four strong and integrated elements of our business, HLM Architects, HLM Landscape & Urban Design, HLM Interiors and HLM Environment. HLM has cultivated a ‘one team’ culture with staff firmly at its core.

HLM is a creative and responsive organisation with significant experience in the design and procurement of healthcare buildings in the UK and internationally. We recognise the importance of design quality, sustainability, and innovation in the creation of truly therapeutic environments. We have a proven track record and expertise in the design and procurement of all types of buildings within the healthcare sector, from the masterplanning of large hospital sites to the configuration of individual rooms within acute, primary care, and mental health settings.

Many of our projects have involved the creation or transformation of major public spaces internally and externally, the integration of healing arts strategies, and the coordination of extremely complex services installations. We are fully conversant with the stringent standards of hygiene, safety, security and functionality which are applicable to healthcare buildings.

We have particular experience in the phased redevelopment of complex existing hospital sites where the design, procurement and construction strategies are heavily influenced by constraints of time and space, as well as the overriding need to keep existing clinical facilities running safely and efficiently during such periods. By creatively combining new-build and refurbishment elements, we identify every opportunity to enhance and maximise the inherent value of the existing estate while minimising the impact of construction on the ongoing operation of the hospital.
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