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Around the world, evolving populations are demanding healthcare that is responsive, accessible and smart, so the pressure is on to lower costs, increase efficiency and improve experiences. To meet these emerging needs, we work with our clients on each project to understand the relationship between buildings, the users inside, and the world around them to design future-proof spaces that are planet positive. Complex problems don’t always yield architectural solutions, and to fully grasp our clients’ needs and equip them with the right information to make the best decisions, we bring together perspectives, ideas and data driven research from across our practice.

Our passion lies in designing healthy places for a healthy planet. To improve the health and wellbeing of our communities, we leverage the diversity of our practice and push ideas upstream to where life actually happens. We come together under one holistic vision to foster connectedness and healing in our communities through our collective strengths and innovative insights.
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Jim Henry
Global Practice Leader
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1717 Pacific Ave, Dallas, TX 75201, USA