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Archus is a team of experts who advise on and deliver healthcare infrastructure projects. We are specialists: delivering the future of healthcare is our sole focus, and we have a vast experience in this area.

We work across the UK and internationally, tackling big picture strategy as well as detailed delivery. Our end-to-end advice brings clarity to any healthcare project – and by now we’ve delivered more than 500 in the UK alone.

Our team includes over 90 health planners, clinicians, project managers, strategic advisors and technical specialists. We collaborate to develop strategies for future service delivery and to implement changes to health systems, bringing an understanding of both digitisation and sustainability whilst focusing on improving patient, visitor and staff experiences.

Working at every level of a health system, we are shaping the future of healthcare.
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Jo Hall
Head of Business Development, Marketing & Communications
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101 Victoria Street, Redcliffe, Bristol, BS1 6PU, UK